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Managing Incidents - Support Worker Module

This is one of two modules we've made to support you to comply with the NDIS Commission's requirements around incident management.

UPDATED:APR 01, 2021

The NDIS Practice Standards require all workers to be trained in incident management.

Ensuring support workers understand the role they must play in incident management, including:

  • identifying and responding to suspected violence, abuse or neglect

  • identifying what an incident is

  • identifying which incidents are reportable incidents

  • the requirements of the NDIS Practice Standards and Rules

  • the NDIS Commission's 6 steps in responding to and reporting reportable incidents

Please note: This course discusses abusive practices which may prove distressing for some workers.

We've developed these plain speaking eLearning modules detailing the need-to-know aspects of the Commission's requirements at both the management and support work levels.

To view the companion module for Managers, check out Managing Incidents - Manager Module

Created by

Jessica Quilty

Jess is our in-house QA geek. Although she doesn’t talk like one. Over the past 20 years she has worked in the sector across a broad range of roles from frontline to policy. Jess is a strong advocate for designing quality and safeguarding systems that work on the ground. She takes a thorough and methodical approach to interpreting complex compliance requirements and has vast experience producing documentation and systems that break down that complexity. Her diverse personal and professional experience mixed with her preference for the company of kids, creates a wonderful recipe for producing stuff that is clear, simple to use and drives organisational efficiency. Jess is valued for her flexible communication style, capacity to process map and empathise with people interacting with the service systems at different points…oh and her cooking. Jess loves to feed!

Terri Cohen

Terri is passionate about upholding the rights of people with disability and has a jam packed career in the disability sector spanning more than 20 years. Starting as an advocate, she then spent 13 years working for the NSW Ombudsman across a number of functions and projects relating to disability, including the establishment of the NSW Ageing and Disability Commission. She also worked as a Principal Investigator for the Disability Reportable Incidents Scheme prior to the commencement of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. In addition, Terrihas experience working for a well established disability provider in NSW, maintaining their quality and risk management systems and preparing them for their NDIS audit, including policy development. With a passion for forensic psychology it’s no wonder she’s so proficient at breaking down information in an understandable way, both verbally and in writing. Aside from curling up with a crime novel, collaborating with providers is what brings her joy as she helps build their capacity in relation to quality and safeguards, incident management and complaints.

Bree Dux

Bree's role focuses on how people learn and how to help them do it better. She's passionate about creating training that is not only meaningful, actionable and measurable but also engaging and accessible. Despite the strange international accent, Bree was born in Canberra. She lived abroad for 23 years, in Hong Kong, England and Thailand, following her dad's career path. Her diversity of life and striving to do more of what she loves has left Bree as a Marine Biologist, a Scuba Diving Instructor, a Teacher Trainer, a Language Educator and Team Leader at RMIT, and most recently as a Learning Consultant and Instructional Designer. She's also passionate about her pet turtle and growing her own food.

Jasmine Yu

If you've ever admired the look and feel of DSC's training then tip your hat to Jasmine. She's our in-house design dynamo with a guiding objective to use design to inspire our learners. Jasmine brings 14 years of experience as a Digital Designer in the eLearning Industry specialising in front-end, user experience and user interface. Her expertise is in creating illustrations and graphics and using authoring tools to create interactive e-learning solutions. Outside of work, Jasmine spends most of her time with her 2 daughters and husband, chilling at home, bike riding, baking or watching her TV dramas when she finds time!