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Support Coordination

What responsibilities do Support Coordinators have to monitor plan spending?

The NDIA recently sent a stern warning to Support Coordinators, that they should expect compliance action if they facilitate rapid plan spending and then make subsequent requests for more funding. Kylie explores the responsibilities Support Coordinators have to monitor plan spending, and practical tips for doing this well.

Dr Kylie Morgan3 min read12 Jul 2024
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NDIS News & Analysis

Federal Court sets precedent on ‘day-to-day living cost’

The Federal Court defined day-to-day living cost’ in the NDIS. Chris outlines what this case means, for now - and into the future with any new legislation.

Chris Coombes6 min read9 Jul 2024
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NDIS News & Analysis

NDIA’s Annual Pricing Review

How did we end up with such a bewildering Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits? Jess examines the NDIA’s explanation in the APR, and how much sector feedback went unheeded.

Jessica Quilty8 min read8 Jul 2024
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NDIS News & Analysis

Disability Royal Commission consultation outcomes

Jess explores the outcomes of the Department of Social Services consultation into the Disability Royal Commission recommendations, and what it reveals about areas of ongoing contention.

Jessica Quilty6 min read3 Jul 2024
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NDIS News & Analysis

An update on the NDIS Bill

There’s been a flurry of activity in recent weeks around the new NDIS Bill before Parliament. Todd explores the outcomes of the Senate Committee’s report and the Senate debate on the Bill.

Todd Winther5 min read3 Jul 2024
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NDIS News & Analysis

Breaking: New NDIS price caps

Increases for support work, but price freeze continues for most Capacity Building supports. Rob has the details. ͏ ͏ ͏

Rob Woolley3 min read29 Jun 2024

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