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NDIS News & Analysis

What the Federal Budget means for the NDIS

Sara and Jess unpack what budget night heralded for the disability sector, including: $14.4bn cut from projected NDIS growth, funding to respond to the NDIS Review, consultation on Navigation services, revamping disability employment services, changes to some social security payments, and oh-so-many committees!

Sara Gingold5 min read15 May 2024
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NDIS News & Analysis

The new NDIS Act [Part 2]

Chris explores the proposed new NDIS Bill, including: changes to access, how the NDIA will respond to plan over- or under- spending, what will be a reviewable decision and alternative commissioning.

Chris Coombes5 min read6 May 2024
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Quality & Safeguarding

High rates of injury in the disability sector

Paula explores SafeWork Australia’s report on the high rates of serious injury in the Health Care and Social Assistance sector, and what steps providers can take to lower the risks.

Paula Spencer5 min read4 May 2024
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NDIS News & Analysis

The new NDIS Bill [Part 1]

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Amendment (Getting the NDIS Back on Track No. 1) Bill was introduced to parliament on the 27th of March. If it passes parliament, it will make fundamental changes to how the NDIS operates.

Chris Coombes5 min read30 Apr 2024

Quality & Safeguarding

Independent Review into the Regulatory Response to Irabina Autism Services

Following a disturbing Four Corners investigation into Irabina Autism Services last year, the NDIS Commission appointed a Former judge to conduct an independent review. Jess breaks down the (redacted) report overview.

Jessica Quilty5 min read18 Apr 2024
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Home & Living

SDA: A lesson in complexity

The Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) market continues to experience considerable uncertainty. In this opinion piece, Brent explores what’s been changing recently and how it has been impacting market confidence.

Brent Woolgar3 min read11 Apr 2024

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Dr George Taleporos on...policy, perspective and the potential of the NDIS

This episode we chat with Dr George Taleporos, host of the hit podcast Reasonable & Necessary and member of the IAC. Jam-packed with discussions on self-management, support, policy and the positive impact of Covid in expanding his world. George's laser wit and rye humour is an absolute delight to listen to. Enjoy!

8 Dec 2023

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