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NDIS Internal Audit

eLearning15 mins
Updated Aug 1, 2023

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Tasked with doing an NDIS internal audit soon? This short and practical course will give you the tools for the job.

Why take this course?

Let’s face the facts: internal audits are mandatory for most registered NDIS providers. Buuut they’re also kinda confusing, overwhelming and time-consuming with so many providers not knowing where to start.

So, if you’ve been tasked with setting up or running an internal audit program, this short and practical module will simplify the process and give you the right (downloadable) tools for the job. When done well, an internal audit will support your business operations, identify areas for improvement and prepare you for successful external audits.

What you’ll gain

Across 15 minutes, you’ll get an understanding of…

  • Why you should develop an internal audit program

  • What areas you should focus on

  • The tools you can use to assist with the audit

  • How to identify and document non-conformities

Who’s it for?

  • Small business owners

  • Staff tasked with setting up or running an internal audit program

What’s included?

  • eLearning module

  • Audit tool template

  • Sample audit tools

  • Audit schedule template

  • Action plan template

  • Basic risk register

  • Risk register template

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