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Reasonable & Necessary

In this 30 minute course, we've broken down the criteria to help you really understand how they work.

UPDATED:APR 11, 2022

Understanding the legislation around Reasonable & Necessary is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get NDIS savvy.

From Support Coordinators to Planners, Providers and Participants - everyone who interacts with the NDIS can benefit from this knowledge, which is instrumental to:

  • Get better outcomes in the planning and review processes

  • Reduce your risk of delivering supports you won`t be paid for

  • Maximise flexibility within the NDIS guidelines

This on demand self-paced learning includes video tutorials, up to date case examples, access to only the detail you want and and quizzes to engage your learning brain. We really believe in the importance of understanding Reasonable & Necessary so we've worked hard to make this course as engaging and effective as possible.

Created by

Sara Gingold

Sara is the Editor-in-Chief of DSC’s Resource Hub. She personifies the voice of DSC in her own passionate style and prides herself (quite rightly) on her research skills and fact-finding ability. Diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2012, Sara's lived experience of disability shines through in her work and she is a highly skilled, authoritative NDIS commentator. She began her career overseeing innovative Cambodian education projects and has quickly become an indispensable part of the DSC team.

Evie Naufal

Evie is a DSC all rounder, an NDIS expert and director-general of all things online at DSC (and that's a lot of things!). She holds both a Masters degree in Sustainable Business Development from HEC Paris and a Media Communications degree from the University of Melbourne. Evie is one of the four founding members of DSC and is a huge contributor to our success. She is an outstanding writer, presenter and service developer. Evie has been highly influential in building the sector's understanding of NDIS Support Coordination and if you need something done quickly, wonderfully and with flair then go ask Evie.