New website upgrades! What’s new

Our website has had a major upgrade 🚀

Here's a quick summary of the changes we made...


From fora to DSC On-Demand

Our eLearning subscription offering (formerly known as fora) has got a new name and a seriously improved user experience. DSC On-Demand Learning memberships still include all the same content you know and love (50+ eLearning modules and 25+ webinars), but they’re now hosted on a website that is intuitive and fun to use. 

a screenshot that says 'assign course' with an 'add learners' button

Assign courses directly from
our website

We’ve made it simpler than ever for you to assign training to people in your On-Demand Learning team. You can now browse our full catalogue and assign learners directly from the course page, without needing to launch a separate LMS. View step by step instructions

Simplified reports of your team's learning

Team Admins can now navigate to their dashboards in a single click to: 

- See an overview of learners’ progress towards assigned courses

- Export a detailed record of the whole team’s learning record - perfect for audit evidence! View step by step instructions

Easier navigation of our training

You can now browse Events or On-Demand Learning separately. We’ve done this to make it easier to see at a glance which offerings are included in your On-Demand Learning membership, or to find the event you're looking for.

Open to either format? We’ve also improved our search function, so you can always start there.

All new Help Centre

For any questions on how to navigate our site or make the most of an On-Demand Learning membership, we have created an awesome Help Centre, complete with stacks of step-by-step instructions and 2 minute video demos of the site’s key features.

Visit the Help Centre