DSC On-Demand — Team Membership

Create your NDIS dream team

Outsource team training to the people who not only get it – but love it. With a DSC On-Demand Teams Membership, you’ll get high-quality and compliant training for teams of two - 1000+ (and a nicer looking to-do list).

A successful NDIS provider starts with your team

Give your team the training to succeed with a DSC On-Demand Teams Membership. You can add users to your team, assign eLearning courses and track everybody’s progress.
It’s the hassle-free way to keep your team compliant so they can get out there and deliver high quality support.
Built for growth
Register as many learners as you need - from 2 to 1000+ with plans and pricing to match.
Onboard fast
Easily add and remove users, or generate self-enrolling links to let learners onboard themselves.
Assign & track
Build your training plan and know exactly where each learner is up to.
Partner with the best in the biz
Insights from industry leaders, plus no hidden fees or lock-in contracts.
Create induction pathways
Assign courses in bulk for new starters or specific roles.
Audits made easy
At a glance know who did what, when. Or export all of your team's learning records and certificates of completion.

Take “train my team” off your to-do list

Whether you’re running an NDIS business or managing an NDIS team, it’s a tough gig. Keeping up with the NDIS changes. Ticking all the right compliance boxes. Making sure your team has done the right training, at the right time. See what we mean?

Why not leave it to the best in the biz? We know we’re tooting our own horn here, but with DSC you’re always getting the latest knowledge and insights from industry leaders. Who better?


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