Privacy and Confidentiality – Managers and Providers

A practical module showing managers and providers how to develop a privacy management system that protects Participant’s private and confidential information. Learn on demand now.

UPDATED:OCT 27, 2023

Why take this course?

It’s simple – we all have a right to privacy and confidentiality. Yet as a manager or provider within the NDIS, privacy laws and requirements can be complicated to navigate, making it hard to implement compliant systems and procedures.

This quick, informative and practical module will guide you through what NDIS providers must comply with when it comes to a person’s private information (including the Standards, Code of Conduct, and Participant expectations). You’ll leave with greater confidence in handling, storing, archiving, and destroying both Participants’ and workers’ personal information, and ultimately, uphold their privacy and dignity.

What you’ll gain

In 45 minutes, you’ll gain an understanding of:

  • How to develop and implement a privacy management system

  • How to identify if information is private or sensitive

  • The requirements set out in the Standards, Code of Conduct and expectations of Participants (as per the Workforce Capability Framework)

  • Why and how Participants’ personal information remains confidential

  • What ‘opting out’ means – and why you need to know

  • Situations where private information can be released without consent

  • The steps to take if data has been breached

  • The timeframes to retain information 

Who’s it for?

  • Owners of a small provider

  • Managers and leaders 

  • Quality managers

  • IT managers

  • HR managers

What’s included?

  • eLearning module

  • Practical examples