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Team Leadership for Psychosocial Recovery Coaches

If you’re a new or aspiring Team Leader for Psychosocial Recovery Coaches, you might be more prepared for the role than you think. This interactive workshop will highlight and hone your existing skills (and teach you new ones).


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Why take this course?

Psychosocial Recovery Coach Team Leaders have a tough, dynamic and rewarding role. They’ve got the double whammy: team leadership and direct client work (not to mention the pressure of juggling both). 

But what many don’t realise? The unique role of a Psychosocial Recovery Coach also lends itself to leadership. Focussing on capacity building and supporting emotional wellbeing, there are loads of parallels between the two. 

This 5 hour workshop (ran over two days), Team Leadership for Psychosocial Recovery Coaches, is all about uncovering these parallels. We’ll focus on enhancing your leadership skills, all while drawing on the skills you already have (we’re talking capacity building, listening, connecting, sharing lived experience – the list goes on). Our goal? To inspire Psychosocial Recovery Coach Team Leaders to foster a safe and effective workplace, be present for your clients AND team, and look after yourself in the process. You’ll leave saying “I’ve got this.”

What you’ll gain

Across 2 x 2.5 interactive workshops (5 hours total), you’ll learn how to:

  • Confidently and safely bring authenticity and lived experience into your leadership role

  • Turn leadership frameworks into real-life practice

  • Enhance your ability to support a team of recovery coaches – as well as develop their practice skills, values and knowledge

  • Manage your team leader responsibilities alongside your own caseload

  • Support your team to meet their KPIs

  • Foster a safe, cohesive and communicate workplace

  • Effectively handle performance management with the best chance for positive outcomes

Who’s it for?

  • Recovery coaches who have been promoted to team leaders 

  • Recovery coaches who aspire to manage a team or set up a small business

What’s included?

  • 2 x 2.5 hour virtual workshop via Zoom (ran over two days)

  • A downloadable copy of the slides for you to look back on

  • Certificate of completion


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Antigone Hanna

Antigone has been involved in the world of NDIS since 2019, initially as a Support Coordinator, and more recently as a Psychosocial Recovery Coach. Originally from Adelaide, she is currently based in the UK, with plans to move to Spain.

What she loves most about Support Coordination and Recovery Coaching is seeing the people she works with have confidence in their decision-making. Through her passion for seeing people take control of their NDIS journey, she has been driven to fill her head with as much NDIS know-how as possible. Her utmost ambition as a team leader has been to make sure her team knows how capable they are, and really believe in the skills they bring to the table.

Through her learnt experience as a social worker, as well as her own lived experience of recovery so far, she has come to believe in the therapeutic power of relationships, and of being able to tell our stories in our own words.

In her spare time, Antigone enjoys painting, hiking, and patting other people's dogs until she can get one of her own!


Kate Gallagher

Kate is a huge NDIS nerd, with broad knowledge of NDIS policies and processes, and a strong advocate for human rights. Kate is passionate about the potential of the NDIS, and is fluent at translating the scheme to support people to get great outcomes.

Through personal lived experience of disability, Kate has a deep understanding of the experiences of NDIS participants and those who support them. Kate is a strong believer in the power and unique value of the peer/lived experience workforce and enjoys supporting individuals and organisations to make their work practices more inclusive.

Kate runs a small support coordination business and has worked as a support coordinator for the past three years, specialising in psychosocial disability, developmental disabilities, autism, and "invisible" disabilities.

Kate enjoys the local arts scene, working on creative projects, and spending time with her cat.


Simon Evans

Drawing on nearly 20 years in the disability and mental health working in direct care, leadership, and senior leadership positions, Simon leans on his lived and learnt experience to support, guide and motivate the people and teams he works with to realise the potential in every new day. A champion for gratitude and holistic wellbeing, Simon has a fascination with the evolution of the human psyche, and plans to leave the world a better place in which he found it whilst bringing others along on the journey. Whilst the requests keep rolling in, he still hasn't found a suitable way to weave his 10 years of experience as a touring hip-hop DJ into his day job!