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Support Coordination Reporting

Keen to build confidence and efficiency in Support Coordination Reporting? This workshop series will do just that, complete with take-home templates and individual feedback.


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Why take this course?

Reporting. It’s a big and necessary part of the Support Coordination role. Yet to navigate the reporting requirements and a system covered in red tape, you need time. Something that’s not always easy to come by. 

This three stage practical workshop is here to save you time by effectively using reporting templates. We won’t just teach you the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of CoS reporting — but most importantly — the ‘how’. Together, we’ll dive deep into the main elements, language and justifications for CoS reporting, giving you individual feedback and tailored discussions so you can build your confidence and efficiency. 

Stage one — A two and a half hour workshop teaching you best practice and how to use reporting templates developed by our DSC experts.

Stage two — You’ll have the opportunity to submit one report template of your choice with a real (deidentified) case, then get tailored and constructive feedback from our experts.
Stage three — A 1 hour group online coaching session offering general feedback, discussing the common themes we saw in everyone’s reports and a Q&A session.

What you'll gain

Get practical tips, case study practice, and take-home templates for three key Support Coordination reports:

  • Action Plans/Plan Implementation Reports

  • NDIS Budget Breakdowns: Spreadsheet Tool

  • Support Coordination End of Plan Report/Plan Reassessment Report 

In this three stage workshop, you’ll…

  • Gain an understanding of best practice for reporting (covering things like language, collaboration, and a focus on outcomes and evidence)

  • Learn how to use reporting templates effectively and efficiently

  • Know how to justify funding requests and recommendations against the NDIS Act and Rules

  • Feel confident using DSC’s templates and submitting one report of your choice 

  • Learn from individual and group coaching feedback, comparing your approach with best practice

  • Feel prepared and supported with practical templates that are ready to use and easy to implement

Who's it for?

  • Support Coordinators ready to increase their confidence and time efficiency, while contributing to positive funding outcomes for participants

  • Managers looking to optimise the way they report within their organisation

What's included?

  • 2.5 hour virtual workshop via Zoom

  • Downloadable copy of the slides for you to look back on

  • 3 templates from DSC’s experts:

    • Action Plan/Plan Implementation Report Template- NDIS Budget Breakdown

    • Spreadsheet template

    • Support Coordination end of plan report/Plan Reassessment report template 

  • Tailored feedback from our trainers

  • 1 hour group coaching session


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Annika Stagekat

Annika is a perfect match for DSC with her joy for making the NDIS world simple and accessible. Arriving from Denmark just in time to see NDIS kick-off down here, she puts her human rights and philosophy background to use not just as a DSC Expert Trainer, but also as a Support Coordinator at Ablelink, specialising in housing and complex supports.

When she's not busy building capacity, Annika rolls up her sleeves in the garage where she's building her own campervan!


Lisa Duffy

After starting out as a Physiotherapist, Lisa found her passion in complex case management and working with people with a disability to navigate their options in the 10 years prior to the NDIS roll-out.

Since the rollout in NSW, Lisa's specific interest areas are working with people to gain NDIS access for the first time and planning for NDIS reviews, with a particular passion for 'translating' the complexities of the NDIS, and working with people to build their skills, capacity and knowledge about the NDIS so that they can be informed, empowered, and objective self-advocates.

It's a passion that doesn’t go unrecognised: we’re talking about the winner of the award for Most Outstanding Support Coordinator at the 2022 Australian Disability Services Awards!