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Participant Intake and Onboarding

As a provider, when participants come through your door, are you approaching it in a way that’s consistent, objective and in line with Practice Standards? This 2 hour workshop will show you how.


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Why take this course?

Just like first impressions count - participant intake and onboarding is the starting point for quality service delivery and participant relationships. So it pays to get it right. But in a lot of organisations, team leaders and intake workers are juggling participant onboarding and intake with loads of other tasks (and in some cases, they have very little guidance on how to do it objectively and consistently). 

The good news: admin doesn’t have to be so, admin-y. In fact, admin is kind of exciting when we look at it as something that supports overall service delivery. 

This 2 hour workshop will take the stress out of decision making and help providers and their team feel more confident in their intake processes and roles, all while meeting Practice Standards. Nice one. 

What you’ll gain

In this 2 hour practical workshop, we’ll dive into both participant intake and onboarding.


  • How to do intake and onboarding well and in line with Practice Standards

  • How to reduce subjectivity and bias in intake decisions 

  • How to make sure processes are robust enough to avoid mistakes and gaps that’ll impact participants

  • Objective prioritization (AKA triage) and waiting lists – when is it a values-based decision vs biased decision?

  • Boundaries: knowing when to say no (either for business reasons or because you’re not the best provider for this participant)

  • To waitlist or not waitlist?

  • Bonus takeaway tools, including intake checklists like funding availability, capacity, values, funds management, Supported Decision Making, Behaviour Support Practices


  • How to appropriately match staff with participants 

  • How to make people feel welcome

  • The information you need from participants (and the information they need from you, too)

  • Reference to the Code of Conduct and Practice Standards

  • Take away tools such as onboarding and intake checklists

Who’s it for?

  • Providers

  • Managers

  • Team Leaders

What’s included?

  • 2 hour virtual workshop via Zoom

  • Downloadable copy of the slides for you to look back on

  • Goodie bags with onboarding and intake checklists 

  • Relevant links and resources

  • Certificate of completion


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Lisa Duffy

After starting out as a Physiotherapist, Lisa found her passion in complex case management and working with people with a disability to navigate their options in the 10 years prior to the NDIS roll-out.

Since the rollout in NSW, Lisa's specific interest areas are working with people to gain NDIS access for the first time and planning for NDIS reviews, with a particular passion for 'translating' the complexities of the NDIS, and working with people to build their skills, capacity and knowledge about the NDIS so that they can be informed, empowered, and objective self-advocates.

It's a passion that doesn’t go unrecognised: we’re talking about the winner of the award for Most Outstanding Support Coordinator at the 2022 Australian Disability Services Awards!


Stephen Webster

Stephen is a support coordination and mental health subject matter specialist and DSC Expert Trainer. He is an experienced NDIS program manager and managed organisational NDIS transitions for services at two separate organisations. Passionate about supporting people with psychosocial disability to get better outcomes he is currently undertaking a new challenge of establishing his own NDIS business. Stephen is a proud dog-parent to a rescue greyhound named Russell. Oh and by the way, the drums and keyboard that feature in his Zoom background aren't just for show, he loves to make music.