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PACE in Practice: Home & Living Providers

A practical workshop guiding you through what PACE changes look like in practice for one of the groups that are most affected by the changes: Home & Living Providers.


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Why take this course?

The NDIA’s new billing system, PACE, went live on October 31 2023. Our introductory workshop (PACE: What’s Changing?) sold out in record numbers and summarised the big changes you can expect.

Although many Home & Living Providers are starting to understand the changes PACE will bring, there’s still an urgent need to understand WHAT these changes will look like in your unique role, processes and services. 

What’s more, the information from the NDIA is getting increasingly detailed – not to mention changing frequently – making it more and more difficult for Providers to link the changes with what they actually need to do and consider to be ready for PACE

You’ll leave with service-specific awareness of what needs to be done (and avoid getting lost down NDIA rabbit holes looking for clear information). Alternatively, this workshop is also available in sessions focused on Plan Managers and Support Coordinations and Recovery Coaches.

What you'll gain

Across 2 practical hours, you’ll learn:

  • Relevant PACE changes for Home & Living Providers

  • How to work without Service Bookings 

  • The changes to Support Categories, new Home & Living flexibility and the implications for Home & Living

  • How to address organisational, financial and claiming risks

  • Impact of PACE functions still being built that will support H&L providers

Who's it for?

  • Home & Living Providers

What's included?

  • 2 hour virtual workshop via Zoom

  • Downloadable copy of the slides for you to look back on


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Rob Woolley

Our very own Woolly Mammoth, pulls up last in the alphabetical rankings but always gets a place on the DSC podium for combining curiosity with smarts. He knows so much about the NDIS it is scary. Rob lives a personal commitment to sharing his knowledge with an endgame of people with disability in control. Combining lived experience of the early childhood intervention pathway with professional experience of the realities of provider life - he has consistently shown the inability to hold down a real job. His roles in the disability sector have covered direct support work, project management, business development, consulting, ILC-funded advocacy roles and owner-operator of a registered and then unregistered provider (but the thing he is best at is being a very present dad). If you want a consultant or trainer in your corner you will be looking high and low to do better than our Rob.


Rebecca Brissett

As a presenter, trainer and consultant Rebecca delivers education with a practical engaging approach that consistently results in people coming back for more. Smarts and experience combined, her expertise is in the 'living' part of home & living (in all its NDIS complexities). From finance to quality systems, from partnerships to management, Rebecca understands service tensions while always keeping focus on the people who matter. If you want someone to assist with change at a pace that succeeds, you want Rebecca Brissett.