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High Intensity Supports in Practice: For Disability Support Workers

A 60 minute webinar translating the confusing Practice Standards and risks around High Intensity Supports into on-the-ground knowledge for Support Workers and Frontline Leaders.


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Why take this course?

Information in the NDIS Practice Standards often doesn’t trickle down to Support Workers – which isn’t great, given they’re the ones out there on the frontline. So, what are the risks associated with providing High Intensity Supports? What do the Practice Standards say? And what’s your role as a Support Worker?

This practical 60 minute webinar will define High Intensity Supports and the associated risks, give an overview of the Practice Standards, and then translate aaaall this into practical and meaningful knowledge for Support Workers and Frontline leaders. The goal? Less confusion, more confidence.

What you’ll gain

Across 60 minutes, we’ll dive into*:

  • What are High Intensity Supports?

  • An overview of the Practice Standards for High Intensity Supports

  • An overview of High Intensity Skills Descriptors

  • The broad requirements for a Support Worker when providing High Intensity Supports – including skill descriptors, training, and the use of management plans

  • How to identify risks when delivering High Intensity Supports (and when to speak up if something doesn’t feel or seem right)

  • Regular Support Plan versus a High Intensity Support Plan

  • Sticky situations where Support Workers may find conflicting advice between the company, parents and practitioners – what should you do?

  • The legal consequences of making a mistake when providing High Intensity Supports (explored in a non-scary way)

*This webinar is not a ‘how to’ guide on providing each specific High Intensity Support, but rather, a broad overview of your role.

Who’s it for?

  • Support Workers

  • Frontline Leaders

What’s included?

  • 60 minute virtual webinar via Zoom

  • Downloadable copy of the slides for you to look back on

  • Links to existing resources, including a skills descriptor gap analysis tool


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Natarsha Warren

Natarsha has clocked 20 years in the Disability sector and loves the wonderful people that cross her path. She is passionate about simplifying and streamlining practices in the workplace. As someone who thrives on creatively thinking outside the box coupled with a love to challenge people to do the same she's found a good fit at DSC. Starting out in accommodation while studying a Bachelor of Education and Music at uni she moved into Day Programs where she launched a music program and after various roles in management is currently also General Manager of Day Services at Bayley House. On the other side of Covid, Natarsha (a Melbournian) looks forward to getting back to her favourite things – travel and trying new restaurants.


Paula Spencer

Paula has extensive experience developing risk and WHS tools and management systems. Her expertise include researching and writing policies, frameworks, procedures, and training material that is tailored to an organisation's size, scope and culture. Paula knows her way around a risk matrix, is passionate about helping organisations understand their risk appetite and embedding robust risk frameworks in the heart of the organisation. Prior to joining DSC, Paula worked in the disability sector for 8 years as a Risk and Compliance Manager. Paula is fast becoming a highly valued member of the quality team. Paula loves to garden, cook and spring clean. Just as well, she's going to need to clear some wall space – she is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Governance and Risk Management and clocking up a country show ribbon count for eggs from her rare chickens.