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2024 Pricing Arrangements and Pricing Limits (PAPL) Update

The 2024 PAPL update is on its way. And when it lands, DSC’s experts will be diving straight into the fine print and sharing it here – with you.


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Why take this course?

It’s the most awaited time of the year. No, not Christmas – the NDIA will soon release the 2024 Pricing Arrangements and Pricing Limits (PAPL) document. And if previous years are anything to go by, the NDIA will drop the PAPL and run – with little explanation, analysis or assistance for providers who need to roll out any changes. Ah, the joy. 

This 60 minute workshop will guide you through the changes in the 2024 PAPL and give you the confidence to adapt. We’re expecting a big year: we’ve heard that the NDIA will be making some particularly big changes to reflect the larger reforms that come with the rollout of PACE. So the structure of several support items might be changing (and you’re gonna wanna know about it). Regardless of whether these changes will affect you now or later – being across them will set you up for success, flexibility and compliance. 

What you’ll gain

In 60 action-packed minutes, we’ll go through:

Changes from the 2024 PAPL Update. 

  • We don’t know what these will be for sure yet, buuut we have an inkling:
    Structural changes, including an overview of the whole PAPL

  • Removal of Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) and what it means for price caps and item numbers (not to mention things like schedules of support and service agreements)

  • Possible changes to item numbers in Core with PACE

Changes that have happened over the past 6 months.

  • Funding flexibility rule changes (with PACE)

  • New Recurring Transport Support Type

  • New rules for Short Term Accommodation (STA) and Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)

  • Changes to Assistive Technology (AT) Repair and Maintenance

Who’s it for?

  • Any providers who will be affected by the PAPL update

  • Any providers who won’t be directly affected by the PAPL update (they might impact you one day and keeping up with the Scheme will save you down the track)

  • Frontline Leaders

  • Allied Health Professionals

  • Support Coordinators

  • Managers and Leaders

What’s included?

  • 60 minute virtual workshop via Zoom

  • Free access to the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Funds Flexibility eLearning, – this covers the fundamentals of the PAPL structure (but doesn’t have the contemporary analysis) 

  • A copy of the slides for you to look back on

  • Certificate of completion


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Rob Woolley

Our very own Woolly Mammoth, pulls up last in the alphabetical rankings but always gets a place on the DSC podium for combining curiosity with smarts. He knows so much about the NDIS it is scary. Rob lives a personal commitment to sharing his knowledge with an endgame of people with disability in control. Combining lived experience of the early childhood intervention pathway with professional experience of the realities of provider life - he has consistently shown the inability to hold down a real job. His roles in the disability sector have covered direct support work, project management, business development, consulting, ILC-funded advocacy roles and owner-operator of a registered and then unregistered provider (but the thing he is best at is being a very present dad). If you want a consultant or trainer in your corner you will be looking high and low to do better than our Rob.


Stephen Webster

Stephen is a support coordination and mental health subject matter specialist and DSC Expert Trainer. He is an experienced NDIS program manager and managed organisational NDIS transitions for services at two separate organisations. Passionate about supporting people with psychosocial disability to get better outcomes he is currently undertaking a new challenge of establishing his own NDIS business. Stephen is a proud dog-parent to a rescue greyhound named Russell. Oh and by the way, the drums and keyboard that feature in his Zoom background aren't just for show, he loves to make music.