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Which Auditing Modules Will You Need To Meet?

Under the new Quality and Safeguarding Commission, the registration groups that you select will impact the scope of your audit. So Jess has created a handy resource to help you understand how the registration groups align with the NDIS Modules you will be assessed against.

By Jessica Quilty

Updated 15 Apr 20244 Feb 2020

We get lots of emails from providers wanting to understand how their business structure and registration groups will affect their new audit requirements. Many providers registered for everything with the NDIA 'just in case'. But under the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission these will affect the scope of your audit.

Providers registering for the first time are also seeking a clear understanding of what systems they will need to set up to become registered. If you are registering or renewing in the portal, the Commission will tell you what you need to be accredited against. But if you don't have access yet or want to play around with different scenarios, we have a little model can help you.

You can find our model here.

You should always confirm your audit requirements with the NDIS Commission in case they are subject to change. Until then happy modelling!  

Reference: NDIS Commission


Jessica Quilty

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