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The 3 Ps of SDA Property

As anybody involved in the process will tell you, NDIS housing can feel like jumping over one hurdle after another. But in this article Brent demonstrates what is possible and shares his secret to success.

By Brent Woolgar

Updated 15 Apr 202420 Aug 2018

Anyone involved in real estate, or even those who have been fortunate enough to buy there own slice of the great Australian dream, would have heard at some stage the mythical 3 “P’s” of property – position, position, position!

Whilst those 3 P’s are still very relevant for SDA (in some ways probably even more relevant), I believe 3 new P's of SDA property have emerged- persistence, persistence, persistence!

Persistence is the key ingredient for successful SDA projects. Persistence to sort through the truckloads of inaccurate information that emerges, sometimes even from the NDIA itself, to find the nuggets of the gold. Persistence to work with Participants, their families and representatives, to navigate the housing solutions report and obtain SDA funding in a Plan. Persistence to develop Quality and Safeguarding systems, tenancy agreements and other compliance materials within a very fluid environment. Persistence to produce SIL services and quotes that align with the SDA requirements and ensure people receive the support they need. And, finally, persistence to overcome the many setbacks that will arise at every stage of the journey.

But despite all that, persistence does make it possible. I developed these new 3 P’s of SDA property whilst driving back from the formal opening of MS Qld’s (MSQ) new 15 SDA Apartments at Springfield west of Brisbane. These are the first High Physical Support SDA properties to be built in Queensland. I have worked with the MSQ team on this project for the last two years, so I know there have been enormous hurdles. But, what has been created represents the spirit of what the NDIS is meant to be. MSQ’s persistence has resulted in 15 people with progressive neurological conditions finally living in appropriate accommodation. Speaking with some of the new residents, their families and friends I was able to witness happiness, relief and comfort that a home can provide.

I wanted to share this good news story to offer some hope to all providers and Participants going through the SDA process. Remember that it is possible. You just always have to keep in mind the 3 P's of SDA property- persistence, persistence, persistence.


Title image: "23 Davis St, Carlton North" by Chris O'Brien, 2015, marker and mixed media on paper, 21 x 29.5cm, image courtesy of Arts Project Australia.


Brent Woolgar

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