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It's Live. NDIS SDA Finder.

All you need to know about this new platform helping people search for Specialist Disability Accommodation dwelling vacancies.

By Brent Woolgar

Updated 15 Apr 202416 Sept 2021

The NDIS has launched its Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Finder platform, which can be used to search for a vacancy in enrolled SDA dwellings throughout Australia.  

It’s another positive step by the NDIS to further support the SDA market as it struggles to find a consistent pace of growth. However, like most things associated with the NDIS and SDA, there are essential details to understand when examining the data. Let’s take a deep dive under the bonnet.


What is the SDA Finder?

The SDA Finder is an online platform that can be found here. Its search function can select a geographic region and returns data on enrolled SDA vacancies.

It is important to note that this tool does not replace the NDIS-endorsed matching platforms The Housing Hub and GoNest. Rather, the SDA Finder is another tool that works alongside but does not replace these existing platforms (more on the differences later). 


Where does the SDA Finder get its data?

The source of SDA Finder data may be the most important aspect of this platform – and potentially its biggest limitation. 

Vacancy data in the SDA Finder is provided on a voluntary basis by SDA providers, who are encouraged to submit vacancy data on a regular (weekly) basis via either an online process or, if there are numerous vacancies, via a spreadsheet submission. Here is an extract from the NDIS website that explains more:

The SDA Finder is refreshed weekly. Once the vacancy has been submitted and published in the SDA Finder, the vacancy will remain active for one month (unless a request to remove the listing is submitted) after which it will automatically be removed from the SDA Finder. Once a vacancy is published to the SDA Finder NDIS Participants, Nominees, Guardians, Plan Managers, and Support Coordinators will be able to search for the vacancy using the SDA Finder.


What information is available?

Unlike the endorsed matching platforms, the SDA Finder provides only limited information about a vacancy, as detailed below:

  1. ABN of the provide
  2. Location, including street address, postcode, suburb, and state or territory
  3. Number of vacancies
  4. Number of residents

The platform does not provide images or any in-depth information relating to existing residents and support providers operating at the dwelling. So whilst the SDA Finder is a step forward, it does not replace the greater functionality of the endorsed matching platforms. With that in mind, you will now likely need to access all three platforms to explore SDA vacancies in any reasonable level of detail.


Brent Woolgar

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