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ILC National Readiness Grants: Winners Announced

The successful applicants of the first round of ILC National Readiness Grants have now been announced.

By Evie Naufal

Updated 15 Apr 202421 May 2017

The successful applicants of the first round of ILC National Readiness Grants have now been announced. 

  • A total of 39 projects have been funded, across 36 organisations
  • Of these, 15 projects are for Capacity Building for Mainstream, while 24 are for Community Capacity Building
  • The average grant size is $376,000. The average was slightly higher for Mainstream projects ($439,839) than Community level projects ($312,161)
  • Grants range in size from $73,660 to $1.2 million

The full list of successful applicants is below.



Inclusion Australia (NCID) Incorporated

The Mainstream and Me project is a national activity that will facilitate conversations between mainstream services staff and people with an intellectual disability leading to improved inclusive behaviours and increased opportunities for participation of people with intellectual disabilities.

Scope (Aust) Ltd

The Communication Access Australia project will implement the established Communication Access Symbol (CAS) Network nationwide and support expansion of CAS into the Justice system in Victoria and Transport systems in NSW and SA.

Summer Foundation Ltd

This project will build capacity in hospitals to provide effective discharge planning support to young people with complex needs so they can transition from hospital to the community with support from the NDIS.

Summer Foundation Ltd

This project will improve awareness of the needs and rights of young people with disability in the aged care sector and support collaboration between aged care providers and other mainstream housing and health providers to improve participation of young people in their communities.

National Disability Services Limited (leading a consortium)

The Building School Capacity for an Inclusive Future project will develop, and test nationally, a framework and resources to raise disability awareness with school communities and build capacity to overcome barriers to inclusion.

Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Inc (leading a consortium)

The No-one’s Left Out project will establish ways of working with Aboriginal people with a disability that result in change in the capacity and capability of mainstream community services.

Communication Rights Australia (leading a consortium)

The Education for Schools project is an interactive digital capacity-building guide for schools to engage students with communication support needs and improve their social and economic participation outcomes.

Spinal Life Australia Ltd (leading a consortium)

This project aims to identify the inclusion understandings and priorities of people with spinal cord injury in Australia, and their priorities and proposed focus for mainstream capacity building to achieve these.

Mirri Mirri Productions Pty Ltd

The Pathways project will provide information to staff of mainstream services on cultural awareness, attitudes and beliefs about disability in the Aboriginal community and develop important skills and sensitivities around family, caring and kinship in the Aboriginal community.

Action On Disability Within Ethnic Communities Inc.

This project takes a participatory approach to building the cultural competency of mainstream services leading to improved connections and opportunities for people with disability from culturally and linguistically diverse communities to participate economically and socially in their community.

Aged Care & Housing Group Inc

The Building Together Project and Toolkit builds capacity of mainstream services to support people living with neurological disability and their networks by creating opportunities for people to engage, or re-engage, in the life they want at home, work and in community.

La Trobe University (leading a consortium)

This project will build the capacity of schools to make reasonable accommodations for children with disability by strengthening collaboration of allied health and education professionals and parents.

Complete Personnel SA Unit Trust

Based in Ceduna, the Local Connections, Local Belonging project will collaboratively investigate what inclusion means in small communities and how service providers can contribute to a sense of belonging in community for people with disability.

La Trobe University

The Fostering Inclusion and Participation Programme will develop a training resource available to remote communities to build capacity of early childhood educators to improve the participation of children with autism in their in everyday education settings.

Guide Dogs Victoria

The Beacon Navigation project builds accessibility in the built environment for people with vision impairment by the use of smartphone and location specific information technology to create the audible equivalent of visible signage and visual cues.



Ethnic Community Services Co-Operative Limited (leading a consortium)

The Diversity Safe Place project will co-design and trial disability and cultural competency resources for community organisations including mapping barriers to participation and recognition of organisations that are diversity safe.

Westgate Community Initiatives Group Inc

The DARE to be DisAbility Friendly project will support participation of people with disability in society by improving community knowledge and acceptance through tailored DisAbility Action Plans and public recognition.

Deakin University

The ALLPlay Dance program for children and young people with disabilities brings the benefits of ALLPlay to the dance community by providing evidence based resources to enable participation in inclusive dance programs nationally.

Create Foundation Limited

The Snap That Stigma Roadshow project will create video resources to build awareness of, and start conversations about, the barriers to participation young people with disability experience.

Women With Disabilities Victoria Incorporated (leading a consortium)

The Here We Are project is led by women with disability in local community partnerships to promote a model of good practice to strengthen inclusion of women with disability and reduce reliance on specialist supports.

Deakin University

The ALLPlay BETTAFooty project is an evidence-based, culturally-tailored training program and toolkit to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities identify and enable children with developmental disabilities to participate in local Auskick football.

Australian Federation Of Disability Organisations (AFDO) Ltd (leading a consortium)

The Disability Australia Hub project builds the capacity and readiness of organisations and the community to deliver nationally consistent ILC activities through a universal accessible website and eNews for people with disability and family organisations.

This project builds inclusion one beach at a time with Surf Life Saving Clubs across Australia.

Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT)

Wellways Australia Limited

The Building Belonging project creates welcoming communities through community education and engagement packages delivered by people with lived experience of psychosocial disability.

Australian Migrant Resource Centre

The Building Stronger Communities Together project helps shape refugee settlement success by strengthening inclusion and active participation of refugees with disability in community life

Australian Federation Of Disability Organisations (AFDO) Ltd (leading a consortium)

The Practical Readiness project will develop resources designed to increase the confidence of mainstream services and community organisations to welcome and include people with disability in a variety of mainstream settings.

Inclusion Melbourne Inc (leading a consortium)

The National Resource Centre - Circles of Support for People with Cognitive Impairment project provides national support to creating and sustaining Circles of Support.

Multicultural Aged Care (MAC) Inc

The Horticultural Project links young people with intellectual disability to their chosen communities through partnerships with schools or markets, for example, and addresses barriers to inclusion in practical ways building sustainable community connections.

People With Disability Australia Incorporated

The Economic Activation E-Hub - A Platform for Possibility project will create an online hub where mainstream employers can connect with people with disability seeking career development opportunities to promote inclusive employment practices.

Down Syndrome Australia (leading a consortium)

The National Down Syndrome Capacity Building Toolkit project will focus on providing up-to-date, relevant and tailored information for a range of mainstream services and community organisations to support the inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

Interchange Incorporated (leading a consortium)

This project encourages awareness of, and opportunities for, volunteering for people with disability to support and contribute to improved participation and inclusion in the community and offers pathways into employment.

Autism Association of South Australia

The National Autism Friendly Capacity Building Initiative expands the Autism Friendly Charter and Register nationally to support community awareness and understanding of autism.

Greater Bendigo City Council

The Inclusive Towns project grows awareness and supports connections within community to increase participation and employment for people with disability resulting in inclusive communities.

Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation

The Aboriginal Aunts and Uncles project provides mentoring and participation opportunities for young Aboriginal people with disability supporting connection to community and mainstream services in the western Sydney area.

The Multicultural Network also known as Bankstown Area Multicultural Network Inc

The Zero Barriers project involves the collaborative development of an Accessibility Guide for businesses and community organisations and includes campaigning, supporting implementation and public recognition of use of the Guide to encourage removal of barriers for people with disability.

Newtown Neighbourhood Centre Inc

This project improves awareness and capacity of the real estate rental market to be inclusive of people with disability living in high-density urban environments, reducing homelessness and leading to greater independence and self-determination.

Deaf Blind Association (NSW)

The Life, Communication and Community Access for Deafblind People project will build mainstream capacity for different forms of communication and guiding techniques with the aim of improving deafblind peoples’ capacity to participate in community.

The Nepean Jobs For All project engages and builds the capacity, confidence and networking of businesses in the Nepean area to promote the employment of people with disability.

Penrith City Council (leading a consortium)

Suncoast Spinners Wheelchair Basketball Inc.

Reverse inclusion workshops in schools and universities on the Sunshine Coast to raise awareness of inclusion of able-bodied players in sport that has traditionally been played by people with physical disability.




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