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Home & Living: June Update

For the NDIS H&L geeks out there, here it is, our first Home & Living monthly update.

By Todd Winther

Updated 15 Apr 202425 Jun 2021

Welcome to Team DSC’s first Home and Living update. Here’s your monthly look at what’s going on.

Quarterly reports

Data nerds rejoice! As mentioned in this month’s feature article, “SDA: Location as First Consideration,” the NDIA has released its quarterly report, and it is full of Home and Living content. 

Broad trends of the report include:

  • A focus on SDA approvals in regional and rural areas
  • An increase in SIL funding overall, but the numbers indicate that these increases are steadily slowing down
  • Note the language on page 20 of the full report that explicitly shows why Independent Living Options (ILOs) may be the Agency’s preferred method of in-home funding going forward 


Price guide

The NDIA has just announced changes in SDA prices that include alterations to the maximum rent contribution that participants can make. The Agency has also introduced an online calculator so participants and service providers can understand how these changes impact an individual plan. Additionally, the new price guide comprises an update to the disability support worker cost model to include superannuation contributions.



A few weeks ago, Team DSC’s ILO guru Leighton explored the new ILO guidelines. ILOs are relatively new for those who live on the eastern seaboard, so be sure to check in with the Agency’s ILO page and this newsletter for the latest information on this growing stream of funding.


More to come

It promises to be a hectic second half of the year in the Home and Living area. As Brent suggested this week, the Home and Living market is changing rapidly, with trends suggesting that further changes are coming. The forthcoming Home and Living Consultation Paper, which was due a few weeks ago, will be particularly crucial in that it will provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to submit feedback to the NDIA. Visit our website to receive all the latest information as soon as it becomes available. 

Feel free to forward and share this newsletter with any of your contacts and stakeholders.


Todd Winther

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