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An extra year for group supports pricing transition

Group support providers will now have until 2022 to transition to new pricing arrangements.

By Evie Naufal

Updated 15 Apr 20243 Jun 2021

The NDIA have just announced that providers of group supports will have an extra year to transition to the new pricing structure unveiled last year. Providers had been expecting to make the switch at the end of next month but can now continue operating under the current pricing structure until 1 July 2022, though they can choose to transition earlier.

For group support providers, this news is as huge as it is surprising. This is the second time the transition has been pushed back by the NDIA, after it was originally scheduled to be enforced from 1 July 2020 (less than a month after it was announced).

The NDIA have also signalled that there will be limited changes in the upcoming price guide review ahead of its release in the coming weeks. These changes will include:

  • 1.1% increase in pricing for Specialist Disability Accommodation (in line with CPI only)
  • 1.5% reduction in the Temporary Transformation Payment loading, as scheduled
  • Increased prices in supports linked to the Disability Suport Worker Cost Model.

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Evie Naufal

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