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Fed Govt Tune Review Response: Core & Capacity Building Flexibility is Coming

In big breaking news, the Federal Government have just released their response to the Tune Review and every recommendation has been "supported", including core & capacity building budget flexibility.

By Evie Naufal

Updated 15 Apr 202428 Aug 2020

In big breaking news, the Federal Government have just released their response to the Tune Review and every recommendation has been "supported", including:

  • Allowing participants to use their funding flexibly across core and capacity building 
  • Giving plan managed participants the same flexibility as self managed participants
  • Improving NDIA decision making, with a Participant Service Guarantee from 2021 
  • A Participant Service Charter and Participant Service Improvement Plan
  • Outlining when Support Coordination should be funded in a plan and when it should be delivered by an independent provider
  • Fairer planning for children and families (hello, core supports!)
  • A $20 million outreach program to better engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and culturally or linguistically diverse communities, as well as people with psychosocial disability
  • and much, much more.

The ABC this morning has quoted Minister Robert saying "No longer will participants have certain funds in core support, certain funds in capacity support. They'll have flexibility right across their plan with perhaps maybe a couple of exclusions, such as specialist disability accommodation or home modifications." You know we'll be keeping you posted about how that "perhaps maybe a couple of exclusions" looks in practice.

This is a big step forward for the NDIS and will hopefully make it easier and quicker to navigate. The dream!

We'll share a complete analysis of the announcement early next week. But if you can't wait (we don't blame you!), you can read the full response here.


Evie Naufal

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