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How to get your programs online

Benefit from our handy tips and practical information in this guide to make online service delivery a reality.

By Natarsha Warren

Updated 15 Apr 20248 Feb 2022

The pandemic presented a number of challenges for providers – how to continue to provide supports to participants who weren’t able to access in person services and were left feeling isolated or disconnected, how to keep staff engaged and employed, and most importantly how to meet the needs of participants. For some providers, the challenge was even more urgent: how to stay alive during lockdown.

In response, many providers have had to be flexible in the way they deliver services, in order to continue meeting the needs of participants (and having money continue to flow). 

One of the most exciting changes we have seen in this space is the acceleration and expansion of providers offering services in an online format, allowing them to continue operating despite lockdowns and staff shortages. The impact for participants has been even more important, with online creating new opportunities for engagement, skill building and supporting individuals to connect with their peers. 

Knowing where to start can be tricky though, so this quick start guide contains practical tips, worked examples and handy information from those who have already made the shift to help you get started and move your face-to-face programs (or launch a new one), online, fast.

Download our Online Services Quick Start Guide.


Natarsha Warren

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