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Support Coordinators' Responsibility in Budget Management

The NDIA are keeping a close watch on plan utilisation. And they’re expecting everyone to play their part to ensure participants aren’t left short on funds down the track – including Support Coordinators.


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Why take this course?

Our recent workshop ‘Plan Utilisation: Sticking With a Participant’s Budget’ launched following an all-too-common story in the NDIS: Participant funding is being used up before the end of their plan, leaving people short on funds and supports. But it’s not just a general provider thing to worry about – it’s also a Support Coordinator thing. 

For Support Coordinators, plan utilisation is tricky business. The person has the ability to choose the supports they want. Support Coordinators have an obligation to assist a person to stick within their budget. And the NDIS will only fund reasonable and necessary. The makings of a perfect storm. 

To make matters more tricky, the NDIA has openly said they won’t be topping up plans if a participant runs out of money – unless there’s been a significant change to the participant's situation. And the Supported Decision Making policy has made it clear Support Coordinators are responsible for assisting participants in managing their NDIS budget.

So, what’s a Support Coordinator to do? This 2 hour workshop will guide you on the current rules, your responsibility as a Support Coordinator, and what the NDIS Budget Management Team means for you. You’ll leave feeling a whole lot more confident in keeping within a participant's budget.

What you’ll gain

Across two informative hours, we’ll dive into: 

  • How does Choice and Control interact with Reasonable and Necessary?

  • Your responsibility, as a Support Coordinator, for monitoring plan utilisation 

  • The NDIS Budget Management Team – how are they keeping Support Coordinators accountable?

  • Budget management and decision making capability

  • NDIS supports to assist in budget management

  • When might it be reasonable for a participant to spend over their budget?

Who’s it for?

  • Support Coordinators

What’s included?

  • Two hour virtual workshop via Zoom

  • A downloadable copy of the slides for you to look back on

  • Certificate of completion


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Dr Kylie Morgan

Kylie completed her PhD in 2007, is an NDIS brainiac and is doubly brainiac-y on all things NDIS mental health. She has over 15 years experience working in the mental health, disability and aged care sectors. Kylie has extensive experience designing, implementing and evaluating mental health programs. Through her experience as a carer of her brother-in-law, Kylie has also developed a passion for assisting organisations to develop Specialist Disability Accommodation. In the course of her work and studies, Kylie has developed advanced skills in the management and development of staff, program design and establishment, stakeholder and consumer engagement, and budget management.


Rebecca Brissett

As a presenter, trainer and consultant Rebecca delivers education with a practical engaging approach that consistently results in people coming back for more. Smarts and experience combined, her expertise is in the 'living' part of home & living (in all its NDIS complexities). From finance to quality systems, from partnerships to management, Rebecca understands service tensions while always keeping focus on the people who matter. If you want someone to assist with change at a pace that succeeds, you want Rebecca Brissett.