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DSC On-Demand — Individual Membership

NDIS training, anytime, anywhere

The easy way to stay on top of the NDIS with eLearning courses, webinar recordings and ready-to-use tools and resources. Helping you provide safe, informed and high-quality support (and get some sleep at night, too).

No BS, straight-to-the-point training. $240 / year + GST

On-demand training for in-demand skills

Working within the NDIS can feel like you’re constantly being thrown curveballs and pushed into unknown situations. We know it’s not easy – but DSC On-Demand Learning is here to make it a little easier.
Shareable certificates
Every eLearning course comes with certificates of completion. Frame it on your wall, flex it on LinkedIn or show it to your dog – the options are endless.
High quality lessons
With an average 4.5 star rating (and an average length under an hour) our eLearning courses are just the facts. Fast.
All access pass to On-Demand
Membership includes our entire On-Demand library. Pick the training you need, when you need it.
Knowledge at your fingertips
Gain skills, tools and knowledge – whenever and wherever you need it. You’ll stay up to date and informed.
Always up to date
The NDIS moves fast and so do we. On demand courses are kept fresh, so you'll never miss breaking news and critical analysis.
Love us or leave us
We’re more interested in a membership you’ll actually use than sticking you with surprises. One fee – no lock ins and cancel anytime.

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