Supporting People to Take their Medication

eLearning40 mins
Updated Sep 8, 2023

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This module introduces Support Workers to the seven ‘rights’ of medication support, including documentation and storage. It also examines some major risks with medication management and how to apply choice and control to medication support.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the NDIS Code of Conduct to supporting people to take medication, including the right to refuse

  • Know and adhere to the role of support worker in relation to medication

  • Know the role of the support worker in supporting PRN (as needed medication) and over the counter medication

  • Explain the 7 Rights in medication support

  • Apply infection control to medication support

  • Explain the documentation required around medication support

  • Know the correct procedure for disposing of medication

  • Know the importance of correct medication storage

  • Know where to find more information on supporting people to take their medication

This module provides a theoretical foundation for medication support. It does not include a formal assessment of the learner's comprehension of the content or ability to apply it in practice.

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