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Billable Hours & Support Coordination

The ability to identify, track and invoice for billable time can make or break a Support Coordination service

UPDATED:MAY 27, 2021

The ability to identify, track and invoice for billable time can make or break a Support Coordination service.

In this eLearning module, we explore:

  • Which tasks, meetings and research are billable?

  • What not to bill for

  • Setting appropriate time increments

  • Considerations in setting billable hours, KPIs

  • Billing rules for provider travel

  • Tips for tracking billable hours

Created by

Evie Naufal

Evie is a DSC all rounder, an NDIS expert and director-general of all things online at DSC (and that's a lot of things!). She holds both a Masters degree in Sustainable Business Development from HEC Paris and a Media Communications degree from the University of Melbourne. Evie is one of the four founding members of DSC and is a huge contributor to our success. She is an outstanding writer, presenter and service developer. Evie has been highly influential in building the sector's understanding of NDIS Support Coordination and if you need something done quickly, wonderfully and with flair then go ask Evie.

Sam Paior

Sam is the Founder and Director of The Growing Space an independent Support Coordination business and manages an informative Facebook page and a subscription based web page; which includes stacks of great NDIS info and resources designed to help people with disability and families demystify the NDIS maze. Sam has a background in marketing and architecture, and solo parents two children with NDIS plans. She is passionate about helping people with disability live good, included lives.

Bree Dux

Bree's role focuses on how people learn and how to help them do it better. She's passionate about creating training that is not only meaningful, actionable and measurable but also engaging and accessible. Despite the strange international accent, Bree was born in Canberra. She lived abroad for 23 years, in Hong Kong, England and Thailand, following her dad's career path. Her diversity of life and striving to do more of what she loves has left Bree as a Marine Biologist, a Scuba Diving Instructor, a Teacher Trainer, a Language Educator and Team Leader at RMIT, and most recently as a Learning Consultant and Instructional Designer. She's also passionate about her pet turtle and growing her own food.

Jasmine Yu

If you've ever admired the look and feel of DSC's training then tip your hat to Jasmine. She's our in-house design dynamo with a guiding objective to use design to inspire our learners. Jasmine brings 14 years of experience as a Digital Designer in the eLearning Industry specialising in front-end, user experience and user interface. Her expertise is in creating illustrations and graphics and using authoring tools to create interactive e-learning solutions. Outside of work, Jasmine spends most of her time with her 2 daughters and husband, chilling at home, bike riding, baking or watching her TV dramas when she finds time!

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