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Understanding Short Term Accommodation (STA) in the NDIS

Short Term Accommodation is an essential yet often misunderstood part of the NDIS. Join us for this practical 2 hour workshop to gain clarity and understanding amidst the confusion.


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Why take this course?

Short Term Accommodation (STA) is one of those areas in the NDIS that’s prone to confusion. By the NDIS definition, it’s funding for support and accommodation for a short time away from your usual home, including respite. 

Sounds simple enough – but STA is often painted in a bad light across the news cycle, with parts of the media claiming it’s a way to scam the Scheme for holidays. So what does STA even cover? How should providers charge for it? When and how is it funded in people’s Plans? How do Funds Flexibility rules apply to STA? And how can you design, deliver and bill for an STA service in a compliant and ethical way? 

This 2 hour workshop is for leaders who want to get across the nitty gritty of STA and feel confident when it’s time to design and deliver these services. 

What you’ll gain

Across 2 hours, we’ll dive into:

  • What is Short Term Accommodation (STA), anyway?

  • What is and isn’t included in the STA price cap?

  • The operational guidelines: when does the NDIA state they fund STA?

  • The participant target market – who needs STA? How can you reach them? 

  • The provider market – who delivers STA?

  • Things you need to consider when designing your STA service

  • How to benchmark the cost of your STA service against the price cap

  • How can you check the viability of your service and find areas for improvement? 

  • How can you best market your STA service?

  • Is it STA or a holiday – what does the NDIA say? How can you avoid the scrutiny?

Who’s it for?

  • Frontline Leaders

  • Managers

  • Business Owners

  • Support Coordinators

What's included?

  • 2 hour virtual workshop via Zoom

  • A downloadable copy of the slides for you to look back on

  • Certificate of completion


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Sally Coddington

Sally is our resident NDIS wonderwoman (also fondly known as our 'pocket rocket'). Don't be disarmed by her humour, she packs a punch with her huge NDIS knowledge, intellect and energy. Sally has diverse experience across financial services, human services, B2B, B2C, for profit and for purpose industries around the world. Sally is especially passionate marketing products, services, spaces and experiences that include people with a disability. Sally is a dynamic trainer and presenter, a Certified Practicing Marketer and advocate for the rights of people with a disability.

Sally has been a prominent figure in the disability sector for nearly 15 years. She currently serves as the Director of Hunter Circles and has held key roles as a board member at The Centre for Universal Design, Business Hunter, and Community Disability Alliance Hunter (CDAH), as well as serving on the NSW Disability Council. Sally, who finished her MBA at Harvard, recently returned to university to pursue a Master’s in Disability and Inclusion (did we mention she’s dynamic?). Her dream is to do a PhD and she's putting it out there to hold her self accountable.

One of Sally's three daughters, Nicky, who passed away in 2018, was an NDIS participant for four years. Sally translates her personal and professional experience into a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities for business.


Rob Woolley

Our very own Woolly Mammoth, pulls up last in the alphabetical rankings but always gets a place on the DSC podium for combining curiosity with smarts. He knows so much about the NDIS it is scary. Rob lives a personal commitment to sharing his knowledge with an endgame of people with disability in control. Combining lived experience of the early childhood intervention pathway with professional experience of the realities of provider life - he has consistently shown the inability to hold down a real job. His roles in the disability sector have covered direct support work, project management, business development, consulting, ILC-funded advocacy roles and owner-operator of a registered and then unregistered provider (but the thing he is best at is being a very present dad). If you want a consultant or trainer in your corner you will be looking high and low to do better than our Rob.