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PACE NDIS: What’s Changing?

A fast, affordable and practical workshop guiding you through all the changes that come with the NDIA’s new billing and payment system – PACE.


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Why take this course?

The NDIA’s new billing system, PACE, is set to go live on October 30. It’s going to involve some big changes to provider’s processes, service planning and funds flexibility with the elimination of Service Bookings. Not only that, changes to some Support Categories will mean providers have to rethink and redesign their back-office functions.

So, it’s clear that all providers should be getting across these changes – especially how billing will work, and what it means for back-end systems. 

This workshop will do exactly that. Get ready to gain a deeper awareness, calmness and clarity on all things PACE – in only 60 minutes.

What you'll gain

Across 1 hour, we’ll cover:

  • What is PACE in the NDIS?

  • What’s changing? What’s staying the same?

  • How you can tell when a participant moves over to PACE

  • Changes to Bulk Upload Requests, funds flexibility, Support Categories and Service Bookings (including the different types of endorsed providers, called ‘My Providers’)

  • New processes for Support Coordinators and Plan Managers

  • How providers can easily and clearly explain these changes to participants and keep billing as smooth as possible

  • What are the implications on cash flow? 

  • The key things providers will need to change in their systems and processes

  • What you can do today to prepare to make the switch

Who's it for?

  • Frontline Leaders

  • Managers

  • Support Coordinators

What's included?

  • 1 hour virtual workshop via Zoom

  • Downloadable copy of the slides for you to look back on

  • Certificate of completion


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Charmaine Fraser

Based in Newcastle, Charmaine has been working with NDIS participants since the beginning of the trial sites and has made it her quest to learn everything that she can about the scheme. Prior to this, she worked in Early Intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Delay. When she’s not running awesome training for Support Coordinators with DSC, Charmaine is the Director of Aurora Coordination and the mother of two children, the eldest of whom has autism. Everyone who has met Charmaine will know that she is a very powerful advocate for inclusion and self management. But what you might not know about Charmaine is that she used to be a professional ballroom dancer!


Rob Woolley

Our very own Woolly Mammoth, pulls up last in the alphabetical rankings but always gets a place on the DSC podium for combining curiosity with smarts. He knows so much about the NDIS it is scary. Rob lives a personal commitment to sharing his knowledge with an endgame of people with disability in control. Combining lived experience of the early childhood intervention pathway with professional experience of the realities of provider life - he has consistently shown the inability to hold down a real job. His roles in the disability sector have covered direct support work, project management, business development, consulting, ILC-funded advocacy roles and owner-operator of a registered and then unregistered provider (but the thing he is best at is being a very present dad). If you want a consultant or trainer in your corner you will be looking high and low to do better than our Rob.