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ABCs of the NDIS

An overview of all aspects of the NDIS for new businesses, new managers and new staff (or anyone looking to understand how they can make the most of the NDIS)


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Why take this course?

Whether you’re totally new here (welcome) or need to brush up on the basics (welcome back), you’ve probably heard that the NDIS is a complicated beast. 

Our ABCs of the NDIS workshop will give you a broad overview of all the important parts of the NDIS.  Learn how to wrap your head around complex terminology, understand key NDIS concepts, put the FUN into FUNding, and take the complexity out of compliance. All in a day’s work.

What you'll gain

Across 5 hours, you’ll get an understanding of… 

  • NDIS Essentials. The must-have knowledge about NDIS purpose, principles and key concepts like 'goal setting', 'choice and control' and 'reasonable and necessary'. And what does all this look like in practice? 

  • NDIS Funding. Know the different ways funding is managed, how this affects flexibility, and what can and can’t be funded by the NDIS.  Leave knowing the difference between core, capital and capacity building. 

  • NDIS Key Concepts. Things like funding flexibility, goals and management types.

  • NDIS Key Players. Get to know who's who and the roles they play. What’s the NDIS Commission? The NDIA? A Support Coordinator? A Plan Manager? A Local Area Coordinator? A Planner?

  • NDIS Compliance. What you need to know in the areas most likely to give you grief (*cough* there's a lot). Get comfy with audits, the NDIS Practice Standards, the Code of Conduct, worker screening, complaint reporting, incident reporting, compulsory worker orientation, behaviour support and restrictive practices.

  • NDIS terminology. Become fluent in the language of NDIS. 

  • NDIS Registration. Getting registered, staying registered and how different registration groups create different auditing requirements.

  • NDIS business. Ideas and tips to help you set up an NDIS business, if that’s your thing. 

  • Further Learning. Get an introduction to other courses and more advanced learning so you know what to do next.

Who's it for?

This workshop attracts a whole range of people interested in all things NDIS…

  • New people to the sector joining an existing provider

  • Those looking to start an NDIS business 

  • Those looking for a back-to-basics refresher

  • Families and carers of NDIS participants

  • Residential aged care services expanding into the NDIS

What's included?

  • 5 hour virtual workshop (via Zoom)

  • Downloadable copy of the slides for you to look back on

  • Resource bank

  • Optional free e-learning modules

  • Opportunity to submit questions prior to the workshop to be answered on the day

  • Certificate of completion


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Jessica Quilty

Jess is our in-house QA geek. Although she doesn't talk like one. Over the past 20 years she has worked in the sector across a broad range of roles from frontline to policy. Jess is a strong advocate for designing quality and safeguarding systems that work on the ground. She takes a thorough and methodical approach to interpreting complex compliance requirements and has vast experience producing documentation and systems that break down that complexity. Her diverse personal and professional experience mixed with her preference for the company of kids, creates a wonderful recipe for producing stuff that is clear, simple to use and drives organisational efficiency. Jess is valued for her flexible communication style, capacity to process map and empathise with people interacting with the service systems at different points…oh and her cooking. Jess loves to feed!


Annika Stagekat

Annika is a perfect match for DSC with her joy for making the NDIS world simple and accessible. Arriving from Denmark just in time to see NDIS kick-off down here, she puts her human rights and philosophy background to use not just as a DSC Expert Trainer, but also as a Support Coordinator at Ablelink, specialising in housing and complex supports.

When she's not busy building capacity, Annika rolls up her sleeves in the garage where she's building her own campervan!