Running an NDIS Business

We support organisations to develop the capabilities required to succeed in the rapidly evolving NDIS market.

We offer support across all areas of business from the boardroom to the frontline, strategic and tactical, analytical and creative.

DSC is widely regarded as Australia's leading NDIS consultants

DSC is widely regarded as Australia's leading NDIS consultants

Whether you have a clearly defined issue that you need support with, or you know you need help but you‘re not sure where to start, we’ve seen it all. Let us help your organisation meet the challenge of change and deliver best results for your team, clients and community.

Subject matter specialists

Ann Drieberg

With over 25 years experience in the disability, mental health and aged care sectors, Ann understands the big picture of organisational success in the NDIS. Give Ann a complex problem and she will break it down to its workable bits and then collaborate with you to build the human solutions...

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Sally Coddington

Sally is our resident NDIS wonderwoman (also fondly known as our ‘pocket rocket’). Don't be disarmed by her humour, she packs a punch with her huge NDIS knowledge, intellect and energy. Sally has diverse experience across financial services, human services, B2B, B2C, for profit and for pur...

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Rob Woolley

Our very own Woolly Mammoth, pulls up last in the alphabetical rankings but always gets a place on the DSC podium for combining curiosity with smarts. He knows so much about the NDIS it is scary. Rob lives a personal commitment to sharing his knowledge with an endgame of people with disabi...

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Suzy Berry

Suzy has a keen eye for technical detail and spotting NDIS market trends and opportunities. Driven by a personal commitment to the sector and her own journey of self-advocacy in accessing health services, Suzy has held influential roles in the NDIS since the launch of the trial sites. She’...

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People say

Justin Bruce

Marketing Manager, OC Connections

The knowledge, experience and expertise provided by DSC has helped us formulate an innovative and exciting plan that is both realistic and achievable in meeting our marketing and business objectives. We would not hesitate in recommending DSC to any organisation requiring visionary thinking and practical planning and implementation.

Tracey Bode


Working with DSC has inspired and supported our team to project "our voice" in the NDIS environment. You generously shared your insights and experience so we can better assist our customers to achieve their goals, while we do what we love.


Tobruk Centre

Please know that your planning has made a huge difference. We still go back to the concepts and vision all the time.

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How we work

How we work

We are a passionate team of NDIS experts using our smarts, know-how and lived experience to inform the sector, train individuals and teams, and consult with businesses and organisations. We are constantly learning and sharing to help connect people with purpose.

Podcast episode

Business Case Investigations - A Leap of Faith & a Loss of Control

In the 2nd instalment of our BCI series Roland and Sally dive in the deep end with Richard Orr from Inclusion WA to investigate if it's possible to run a successful NDIS business where everything is built on trust.


Episode 30: Business Case Investigations - Believing in People

In DSC's special new series, Roland and Sally interview Kate Fulton of Avivo to investigate whether you can run an NDIS business where the focus is supporting staff to be their best selves at work.


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