15-16 June 2022
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The National Conference on the Future of the NDIS

Three weeks after the election, decision makers and leading journalists will investigate NDIS directions, the risks to provider viability and opportunities for change

In 2021, nearly 2000 people attended, this year make sure you are part of this national conversation about investment in our future, as we ask: Where To From Here?

NDIS Stocktake

Unpacking the intent, trends, data and markets

Scheme Sustainability

Analysing the social & economic costs and returns

Provider Viability

Articulating the challenges, highlighting opportunities

Changes Ahead

Understanding what’s going to hurt and what will help



The Future of the NDIS

Sustainability at Any Cost?

NDIS at the Crossroads

An Oasis in the Desert: Mainstream & ILC

The Economic Benefit of NDIS

Vital Market Data

Spoken word performance

Politics & Progress


Where to From Here for the NDIS?

Provider Viability

NDIS Back on Track

When Markets Fail

A Different Vision

Sustaining Workforce

Achieving Change

The Hard Work Starts Now

Who is this for?


ALL NDIS service providers, big and small: frontline, management, exec and the board


Government and policy makers


Social and political commentators


Academics and other interested parties


NDIS participants, families and advocates


Hosted by


Auslan interpreters

Live captioning

Audio descriptions

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Participants & Families

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What time will the event run?
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Will the event be recorded?

WTFH will not be recorded

So you have only one chance to participate in this conference!

People say


You’ve outdone yourselves with the WTFH lineup! It’s like Woodstock for NDIS!


Thank for you the WTFH conference. It was the best digital event I’ve ever been part of, and I learnt and enjoyed so much of it.


Support Coordinator

Thank you for a excellent forum for so many ideas, loved it and there was something for everyone.


Congratulations DSC and production team for an excellent conference. Providing leadership for our sector at just the time!


Thanks for the opportunity to dip into the well of passion, insight and commitment. It’s restored me.


Thankyou - inspiring and reignited my determination to keep fighting to get the bloody thing right !


I can't thank you enough, DSC, you've had my back many times and I love your work; today your conference has taught me to love myself, my team and the community-I can continue to serve and create belonging again...thank you

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