About Team DSC

When the NDIS began

It was a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reshape Australia’s disability sector. It was the start of some big changes – and even bigger benefits.

Upon the scheme's rollout in 2015, Team DSC began as an independent organisation to support providers to make this shift. The goal? To draw on our decades of experience in the disability sector to help the NDIS fulfil its promise and smooth the transition to the new scheme.

Almost a decade on, our focus has shifted. We’re still true NDIS supporters...

But just like you, we’re frustrated with all the red tape and constant rule changes. All things that make it tricky to focus on what really matters.

So instead of waiting around for systemic change, we’re focusing on what we can do – right now – to support a strong, healthy and productive disability sector.

Today, Team DSC is made up of around 35 passionate people across Australia (you’d be hard-pressed to find a better bunch of humans). Better yet, a good chunk of our team are still actively working within the NDIS and more than half of us have lived experience.

Our team of
damn good humans

We're proud to be a team of misfits. Why? Building an unusually great organisation starts with an unusual team.