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Working with Families: Support Coordination

Uncover solutions to the common challenges of working with families.

Working with families is one of the most complex areas of work for Support Coordinators.

Families provide essential support and leadership in a person’s life, but sometimes they can be a significant barrier to self-determination for their loved ones.

DSC has designed this interactive 2-hr workshop to focus on:

  • Effective ways to build a family's capabilities

  • Identifying the most relevant NDIS funding for families

  • How to access carer & peer support networks

  • Engaging with family advocates

  • Working with mainstream family supports

Whether you support families with children, teens or adults, this workshop will give you tools to improve your practice and outcomes for people and their families.


Sally Coddington

Sally is our resident NDIS wonderwoman (also fondly known as our ‘pocket rocket’). Don't be disarmed by her humour, she packs a punch with her huge NDIS knowledge, intellect and energy. Sally has diverse experience across financial services, human services, B2B, B2C, for profit and for purpose industries around the world. Sally is especially passionate marketing products, services, spaces and experiences for people with a disability. Sally is a dynamic trainer and presenter, a Certified Practicing Marketer and lecturer in Marketing at the University of Newcastle. She is a Director of the Centre for Universal Design and a past member of the NSW Disability Council. Sally was also the CEO of a disability service provider during the Hunter NDIS trial. And, she finished her Masters at Harvard (did we mention she’s dynamic?). One of Sally's three daughters, Nicky, who passed away in 2018, was an NDIS participant for four years. Sally translates her personal and professional experience into a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities for business.

Charmaine Fraser

Based in Newcastle, Charmaine has been working with NDIS participants since the beginning of the trial sites and has made it her quest to learn everything that she can about the scheme. Prior to this, she worked in Early Intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Delay. When she’s not running awesome training for Support Coordinators with DSC, Charmaine is the Director of Aurora Coordination and the mother of two children, the eldest of whom has autism. Everyone who has met Charmaine will know that she is a very powerful advocate for inclusion and self management. But what you might not know about Charmaine is that she used to be a professional ballroom dancer!


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