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Trauma Informed Practice: Support Coordinators & Team Leaders

Create more supportive environments and deliver better outcomes for all.

People with a disability are more likely to be the victims of abuse. Some of the challenges you face in your work are likely to arise from unresolved trauma.

This Trauma Informed Practice workshop will help you look at the people you support through a different lens. Rather than dealing with presenting issues, we look beyond the surface to consider why people respond in the ways they do.

We use this understanding to create more supportive environments and deliver better outcomes for all.

The workshop will help you:

  • Recognise the signs of trauma in people with cognitive and/or communication impairments

  • Develop an awareness of changes that can occur following an experience of trauma and its impacts on behaviour

  • Understand how some of the things staff do may trigger trauma reactions

  • Learn how to mindfully engage with people who have experienced trauma

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Therese Morgante

Therese comes to Team DSC with over 25 years experience in the sector across a range of government, consulting and provider roles. She has played key roles throughout Victoria's progression towards individualised funding, including design and initial implementation of self directed funding at the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and supporting the establishment of the Barwon NDIS pilot site. As a clear thinker, Therese is able to get to the heart of an issue quickly to solve policy dilemmas. When she is not touring suburban sporting grounds with her two sons or obsessively watching documentaries on the British Royal Family, Therese is an avid reader, improving cook, lover of Australian politics and (very) amateur art critic.

Loren Coburn

Loren is a registered psychologist with 17 years experience in the disability sector. Having commenced her career in the sector as a disability support worker, Loren brings a unique understanding of the challenges support staff face in working with and for people with disability. Viewing behaviour as an accumulation of the individual’s biological predisposition, opportunities and experiences, Loren has applied her clinical knowledge of trauma to understand complex behavioural presentations of people with cognitive impairment. Applying a trauma informed lens to her work, Loren brings experience in directly supporting staff teams to promote staff and client wellbeing, build resilience and develop proactive and preventative mental health strategies. Loren is particularly interested in staff development and currently provides clinical supervision, training and guidance to behaviour support practitioners working with people with complex biological, environmental and mental health presentations.

Shanker Pragnaratne

Shanker is the clinical director of Prag Consulting. His career spans over thirty years, from direct support in public mental health and disability, leadership and policy roles in government and non-government disability services, private practice, organisational consulting, and teaching. He is also a current member on the board of directors of MOIRA Youth, Family and Disability Services.