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Quality & Safeguarding: Team Leaders

Unpack the quality & safeguarding requirements for team leaders.

Frontline leadership sets a culture of safety and quality.

This 4 hour workshop will explore the required quality and safeguarding tasks of Team Leaders including:

  • The developmental, preventative and corrective domains of the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework

  • The relevant quality and safeguarding capabilities of the frontline leader set out in the NDIS Workforce Capability Framework

  • The themes of the Disability Royal Commission 

  • The Team Leader and Support Worker’s role in building natural safeguards

  • Identifying risks 

  • Balancing duty of care with dignity of risk

  • Responding well when things go wrong

  • NDIS Commission compliance requirements

This module aims to provide a solid understanding of ‘why’ quality and safeguarding practices are important. When Team Leaders effectively communicate this, it enables staff to speak up when things aren’t right and compliance and reporting becomes more embedded in everyday practice.

This workshop is part of our new series of training for Team Leaders. See more training for Team Leaders


Jessica Quilty

Jess is our in-house QA geek. Although she doesn’t talk like one. Over the past 20 years she has worked in the sector across a broad range of roles from frontline to policy. Jess is a strong advocate for designing quality and safeguarding systems that work on the ground. She takes a thorough and methodical approach to interpreting complex compliance requirements and has vast experience producing documentation and systems that break down that complexity. Her diverse personal and professional experience mixed with her preference for the company of kids, creates a wonderful recipe for producing stuff that is clear, simple to use and drives organisational efficiency. Jess is valued for her flexible communication style, capacity to process map and empathise with people interacting with the service systems at different points…oh and her cooking. Jess loves to feed!

Ann Drieberg

With over 25 years experience in the disability, mental health and aged care sectors, Ann understands the big picture of organisational success in the NDIS. Give Ann a complex problem and she will break it down to its workable bits and then collaborate with you to build the human solutions. Her ability to work at the heart of things is her superpower for the design and implementation of new systems and services in employment, accommodation, community inclusion and training. Ann has that rare mix of systems expertise with co-design nous that delivers outcomes that people own. She is our go-to for organisations wanting to develop through engaging the people that matter, from services users to the Board and everyone in between.