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  • Quality & Safeguarding

Q&S Essentials for Small Business

Consistently meet your Q&S requirements without going overboard (or broke).

The NDIS Practice Standards require providers to have management systems in place irrespective of their size.

So how do you the small guys develop proportionate and effective systems that meet the requirements without going overboard (and broke)?

This training is designed for small businesses to build confidence in developing your own risk, quality, human resource, complaints, and incident management systems.

These workshops are an opportunity for you to work with other small business owners to discuss and learn together, as we work through a handbook that has simple tools and templates which you can adapt to suit you.

  1. Session 1 starts with an overview of the requirements and an introduction to the handbook. We then have a 1-week break – in which we encourage you to review your current practices and to identify opportunities for improvement.

  2. Session 2 delves deeper into the handbook and suggested approaches. The course will include plenty of time to ask questions and seek advice and to work together in small groups on case studies. Note this course includes the use of basic Microsoft templates and does not include consideration of IT systems.

What you will get:

  • 2 x 1.5 hour workshops

  • Handbook including 8 templates

  • Opportunity for feedback on tools


Jessica Quilty

Jess is our in-house QA geek. Although she doesn’t talk like one. Over the past 20 years she has worked in the sector across a broad range of roles from frontline to policy. Jess is a strong advocate for designing quality and safeguarding systems that work on the ground. She takes a thorough and methodical approach to interpreting complex compliance requirements and has vast experience producing documentation and systems that break down that complexity. Her diverse personal and professional experience mixed with her preference for the company of kids, creates a wonderful recipe for producing stuff that is clear, simple to use and drives organisational efficiency. Jess is valued for her flexible communication style, capacity to process map and empathise with people interacting with the service systems at different points…oh and her cooking. Jess loves to feed!

Paula Spencer

Paula has extensive experience developing risk and WHS tools and management systems. Her expertise include researching and writing policies, frameworks, procedures, and training material that is tailored to an organisation’s size, scope and culture. Paula knows her way around a risk matrix, is passionate about helping organisations understand their risk appetite and embedding robust risk frameworks in the heart of the organisation. Prior to joining DSC, Paula worked in the disability sector for 8 years as a Risk and Compliance Manager. Paula is fast becoming a highly valued member of the quality team. Paula loves to garden, cook and spring clean. Just as well, she’s going to need to clear some wall space – she is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Governance and Risk Management and clocking up a country show ribbon count for eggs from her rare chickens.