Practical Skills for Managing Support Coordinators

A practical and engaging workshop exploring the specific skills needed for managing support coordinators. Understand the tasks and challenges of the role so you can support a sustainable, long-term team.

Why take this course?

Support Coordination Managers and Frontline Leaders are often hired for their leadership skills. Buuut they don’t necessarily have experience working as a Support Coordinator or with a caseload. This can make it hard to understand all the stuff (and it’s a lot of stuff) that happens on the ground.

Our Practical Skills for Managing Support Coordinators focuses on the tasks and challenges Support Coordinators experience out in the real world so you can build empathy toward the role, gain industry-specific management skills, and foster an effective, sustainable and mutually respectful Support Coordination team.

What you'll gain

You’ll get an understanding of:

  • How to develop and manage realistic and objective caseloads.

  • Billable targets and how these balance with non-billable work and tasks.

  • How to stay current — tips to fit in training and continuing professional development.

  • Intake and waitlist management.

  • How to lead effective team meetings.

  • How to build your supervision, team support and staff retention.

  • Dealing with a conflict of interest.

  • The pros and cons of flexible work. and working from home.

  • Assessing and managing real and potential risks to your team.

  • Role boundaries (AKA when to stay in your lane).

Who's it for?

  • Support Coordinators Managers and Frontline Leaders (both new to the role or looking to further their skills).

  • Those looking to develop Support Coordinator specific leadership skills.

What's included?

  • 3 hour virtual workshop via Zoom.

  • Downloadable copy of the slides for you to look back on.

  • A resource bank, including case studies and learner handbook.

  • Certificate of completion.

Dates and time

December 7

  • NSW/VIC/ACT/TAS 12:00pm-3:30pm
  • QLD 11:00am - 2:30pm
  • WA 9:00am - 12:30pm
  • SA 11:30am - 3:00pm
  • NT 10:30am - 2:00pm


Lisa Duffy

After starting out as a Physiotherapist, Lisa found her passion in complex case management and working with people with a disability to navigate their options in the 10 years prior to the NDIS roll-out. Since the rollout in NSW, Lisa's specific interest areas are working with people to gain NDIS access for the first time and planning for NDIS reviews, with a particular passion for 'translating' the complexities of the NDIS, and working with people to build their skills, capacity and knowledge about the NDIS so that they can be informed, empowered, and objective self-advocates. It's a passion that doesn’t go unrecognised: we’re talking about the winner of the award for Most Outstanding Support Coordinator at the 2022 Australian Disability Services Awards!

Stephen Webster

Stephen is a support coordination and mental health subject matter specialist and DSC Expert Trainer. He is an experienced NDIS program manager and managed organisational NDIS transitions for services at two separate organisations. Passionate about supporting people with psychosocial disability to get better outcomes he is currently undertaking a new challenge of establishing his own NDIS business. Stephen is a proud dog-parent to a rescue greyhound named Russell. Oh and by the way, the drums and keyboard that feature in his Zoom background aren’t just for show, he loves to make music.