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NDIS Housing for Support Coordinators

This full day workshop equips Support Coordinators with the information and tools needed to support people to reach their home & living goals.

NDIS Participants who want to move house are entitled to Support Coordination hours to explore their options. The Support Coordinators’ role in this process is crucial but incredibly complex, involving many different areas of NDIS and housing policy.

This full day workshop will give Support Coordinators the information and tools you need to be able to guide a person through the process and help them submit the right documentation and evidence for the NDIA. We will cover:

  • Understanding NDIS Housing Policy: Overview of SDA, SIL, ILO and more

  • Home Mods & Assistive Tech: Understand the policy and practice

  • Exploring Housing Opportunities: Incl. mainstream options and contemporary approaches

  • Housing Tools & Resources: For every Coordinator’s toolkit

  • Allied Health Assessments: Supporting and reviewing housing reports

  • Supporting Funding Requests: Collecting and submitting evidence

Level: Beginners
This workshop is designed for learners with a good understanding of the Support Coordination role and limited/no prior knowledge of NDIS home & living policy.


Charmaine Fraser

Based in Newcastle, Charmaine has been working with NDIS participants since the beginning of the trial sites and has made it her quest to learn everything that she can about the scheme. Prior to this, she worked in Early Intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Delay. When she’s not running awesome training for Support Coordinators with DSC, Charmaine is the Director of Aurora Coordination and the mother of two children, the eldest of whom has autism. Everyone who has met Charmaine will know that she is a very powerful advocate for inclusion and self management. But what you might not know about Charmaine is that she used to be a professional ballroom dancer!

Todd Winther

Todd is a political nerd with an academic background in political leadership, party politics, and disability policy who has taught these subjects at multiple universities. He is also an NDIS Participant who has a severe form of Cerebral Palsy. Todd combines these two seemingly different interests to bring a wide variety of experiences to Team DSC. His writing has been published in academic journals, The Conversation and the ABC. He has also worked for NGOs in the Home and Living sector, working directly with other individual participants to help fill funding gaps. Todd has a deep passion for political history and sorting through electoral redistributions (He really does! Ask his wife). Todd also spends his free time reading multiple books simultaneously, following the mighty Port Adelaide Power, and assessing the plausibility of plots on too many TV teen dramas.