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NDIS Budgeting: Calculating the Cost of Supports

Building capacity and confidence in navigating NDIS Plan Budgets.

Support Coordinators play an active role in helping Participants to stay within their allocated NDIS budgets.

This role is increasingly complex as the incidental costs associated with NDIS-funded supports expand. For example, a single hour of support delivered by an OT also incurs the cost of provider travel labour and non-labour costs and non-face-to-face support report writing time.

These incidental costs make it challenging for Participants to determine how many hours of support they can afford, cue the Support Coordinator.

Support Coordinators tell us that budgeting is not an area of strength for them, so we’ve designed this practical, hands-on workshop to build capacity by working through three budgeting scenarios, simple, moderate and complex.

We will use these scenarios to:

  • Use the Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits document to accurately identify the price limits and rules for various supports.

  • Identify all the potential costs associated with a given support arrangement.

  • Interpret complex pricing rules and arrangements and putting them into practice.

  • Use excel or a calculator for NDIS budgeting.

  • Identify opportunities to negotiate with service providers on cost


Sally Coddington

Sally is our resident NDIS wonderwoman (also fondly known as our ‘pocket rocket’). Don't be disarmed by her humour, she packs a punch with her huge NDIS knowledge, intellect and energy. Sally has diverse experience across financial services, human services, B2B, B2C, for profit and for purpose industries around the world. Sally is especially passionate marketing products, services, spaces and experiences for people with a disability. Sally is a dynamic trainer and presenter, a Certified Practicing Marketer and lecturer in Marketing at the University of Newcastle. She is a Director of the Centre for Universal Design and a past member of the NSW Disability Council. Sally was also the CEO of a disability service provider during the Hunter NDIS trial. And, she finished her Masters at Harvard (did we mention she’s dynamic?). One of Sally's three daughters, Nicky, who passed away in 2018, was an NDIS participant for four years. Sally translates her personal and professional experience into a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities for business.

Lisa Duffy

After starting out as a Physiotherapist, Lisa found her passion in complex case management and working with people with a disability to navigate their options in the 10 years prior to the NDIS roll-out. Since the rollout in NSW, Lisa's specific interest areas are working with people to gain NDIS access for the first time and planning for NDIS reviews, with a particular passion for 'translating' the complexities of the NDIS, and working with people to build their skills, capacity and knowledge about the NDIS so that they can be informed, empowered, and objective self-advocates. It's a passion that doesn’t go unrecognised: we’re talking about the winner of the award for Most Outstanding Support Coordinator at the 2022 Australian Disability Services Awards!


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