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Hospital Discharge & Support Coordination

This highly interactive 2.5 hour workshop unpacks the skills, resources and knowledge required to better support participants during hospital discharge.

Hospital discharge for NDIS participants can be a nightmare with processes and systems that do not talk to each other.

Using a case study of a participant with newly acquired disabilities, attendees will learn to develop effective approaches for responding to complex hospital discharge situations including:

  • Identifying and overcoming common barriers to successful hospital discharge

  • Gathering critical information effectively and building rapport

  • Working with stakeholders in a complex mainstream interfaces

  • Identifying funding responsibilities

  • Exploring supports required for hospital discharge

  • Practicing effective Support Coordination skills throughout (eg. reporting, delegation, communication, billable hours)

  • Understanding the scope and limitations of the Support Coordination role

This workshop is appropriate for all Support Coordinator experience levels. Attendees should have a basic understanding of NDIS planning processes and supports.


Annika Thorup

Annika is a perfect match for DSC with her joy for making the NDIS world simple and accessible. Arriving from Denmark just in time to see NDIS kick-off down here, she puts her human rights and philosophy background to use not just as a DSC Expert Trainer, but also as a Support Coordinator at Ablelink, specialising in housing and complex supports. When she’s not busy building capacity, Annika rolls up her sleeves in the garage where she’s building her own campervan!

Lisa Duffy

After starting out as a Physiotherapist, Lisa found her passion in complex case management and working with people with a disability to navigate their options in the 10 years prior to the NDIS roll-out. Since the rollout in NSW, Lisa's specific interest areas are in supporting people to gain NDIS access for the first time and planning for NDIS reviews, with a particular focus on working with people to build their skills, capacity and knowledge about the NDIS so that they can be informed, empowered, and objective self-advocates. Lisa is so passionate about working with families in the NDIS space that she has total self-awareness about the fact that she says 'passionate' too much! When she is not running on trails or teaching her daughters the ways of the world, she can be heard talking to people about how much she loves her job.


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