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Mastering SIL: Workshop Series

You don’t have to be living between a rock and a hard place to have felt the pressure on SIL funding. In this workshop series we cover off the SIL big ticket items, including: funding submissions, RoCs, funding implementation, service agreements and programs of support.


Understanding SIL

Supported Independent Living is evolving and for most of us, it's time for a refresher. In this overview workshop we unpack SIL and how it is likely to progress within the NDIS Home and Living funding category.

We will cover:

  • What is SIL?

  • How does SIL fit in the suite of NDIS “home and living” supports?

  • Who is likely to be eligible for SIL?

  • Which properties are suitable for SIL?

  • How is SIL funded?

Success with SIL Funding Submissions: DSC's Current Guidance

Does working with SIL funding ever make you question your career choices? You’re not alone. With all the policy shifts and changing whims at the NDIA, writing a successful SIL funding submission has never been more frustrating.

In this workshop, we will cut through the noise to detail the current SIL submission process. We will highlight recent changes and equip you with the intel to write and implement a RoC that rocks (our training is better than our puns, we promise).

We will cover:

  • New NDIS Home & Living funding policy and implications for SIL providers

  • Writing outcomes that showcase your service and get results

  • Using the Roster of Care (RoC) to facilitate individualised flexible funding

  • Communicating with stakeholders

  • Managing changes of circumstances

Roster of Care Review: A Case Study

Do you understand what makes a great RoC but still find the spreadsheet inspires dread? This is the workshop for you.

DSC will take you step by step through the process of reviewing and amending a RoC and explore some of the tricky situations that you may face – and how to address them.

We will cover:

  • Reviewing a completed RoC

  • Improving the RoC in real time

  • Best practice approaches for financial viability and individualised supports

  • Scenarios for change or circumstances and other complications

  • Communication tips to help stakeholders understand what it all means

Implementing SIL Support Budgets

Success, your RoC was approved as submitted! Just kidding, chances are you received much less than you need and you now have to figure out how to make this work for both your organisation and the people you are supporting.

This workshop explores how to make the best of a SIL funding outcome, even when it’s not what you hoped for, including:

  • Reverse engineering the Roster of Care to match the service booking

  • Developing and claiming Program of Supports

  • Getting creative when the funding didn’t match expectations

  • Communicating the outcome with stakeholders.

  • Tracking and claiming irregular supports

  • What to do if prolonged vacancies, mismatched ratios or unconsidered variable income have the finance team rocking in the corner during board meetings

SIL Agreements and Programs of Support

Nobody loves service agreements. But when they’re done right, they can bring real clarity to everyone involved. This workshop will explore a pain-free approach to service agreements that covers all bases, including:

  • Minimum requirements for service agreements

  • Program of supports

  • Separating housing and supports

  • Managing multiple agreements for one person

  • Building in flexibility with clear boundaries

  • Choice, control and change of mind

If you want the best outcomes from SIL in 2022 then learning to master its increasing complexity is essential.

We reckon its best to do all the workshops in the series, but you can pick and choose if you are on top of the current detail in any area.

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Brent Woolgar

Brent is a bona fide master of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) detail, which considering he is an engineer is not surprising. Brent has built his reputation as one of the sector's leading experts in SDA with involvement in over 50 SDA related projects to date, ranging from parent groups, small organisations, large national organisations, state governments, community housing providers, for-profit investors, developers and many financial institutions. What Brent doesn’t know about SDA is probably the stuff the NDIA don’t know themselves yet. Brent brings a unique skill set to NDIS Housing, with over 25 years consulting experience in accessible design as well as a lived experience as the proud father of teenage identical twins, one of whom has cerebral palsy.

Rebecca Brissett

As a presenter, trainer and consultant Rebecca delivers education with a practical engaging approach that consistently results in people coming back for more. Smarts and experience combined, her expertise is in the ‘living’ part of home & living (in all its NDIS complexities). From finance to quality systems, from partnerships to management, Rebecca understands service tensions while always keeping focus on the people who matter. If you want someone to assist with change at a pace that succeeds, you want Rebecca Brissett.