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Housing & SDA: Workshop Series

Dive into the detail of successful SDA, now and in the future.


SDA Operations

Operating SDA is very complex and includes managing multiple relationships and properties within unique NDIS rules. Many challenges are not obvious from the outset. We provide a realistic perspective on being a successful SDA provider, it’s a lot more than just a tenancy manager!

In the workshop we deep dive into SDA operations to cover:

  • Responsibilities in the NDIS legislation and rules

  • Options to operate SDA on behalf of an owner

  • Working with support providers, from traditional SIL providers to contemporary ILO models (and flexible core supports)

  • Identifying, establishing and maintaining key relationships

  • Reportable incident management

  • Built environment and restrictive practices - essential considerations

  • Successful tenancy management - pre-planning, assessments, agreements, home modifications and assistive technology

Separation of Home and Living Supports

Since the beginning of the NDIS, the speculation has been that the NDIA will enforce the separation of the landlord and tenancy support roles. As the rapid NDIS changes continue, we explore the potential ramifications of a mandated separation of ‘Home’ and ‘Living’ supports.

We will explore why separation is considered contemporary best practice and options to achieve successful separation. We will cover:

  • The history of the separation question and why we think enforcement many be on the horizon

  • What separation means and what it will look like

  • Identifying key steps an organization needs to undertake to transition

  • Developing a housing strategy covering existing owned or rented assets, including cohort assessment, asset assessment, possible operating models and transition strategies

  • Analysing SDA and non-SDA housing, including MTA and STA and consider how providers can gain access to housing for people that may be the 94% that do not receive SDA funding


Brent Woolgar

Brent is a bona fide master of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) detail, which considering he is an engineer is not surprising. Brent has built his reputation as one of the sector's leading experts in SDA with involvement in over 50 SDA related projects to date, ranging from parent groups, small organisations, large national organisations, state governments, community housing providers, for-profit investors, developers and many financial institutions. What Brent doesn’t know about SDA is probably the stuff the NDIA don’t know themselves yet. Brent brings a unique skill set to NDIS Housing, with over 25 years consulting experience in accessible design as well as a lived experience as the proud father of teenage identical twins, one of whom has cerebral palsy.

Rebecca Brissett

As a presenter, trainer and consultant Rebecca delivers education with a practical engaging approach that consistently results in people coming back for more. Smarts and experience combined, her expertise is in the ‘living’ part of home & living (in all its NDIS complexities). From finance to quality systems, from partnerships to management, Rebecca understands service tensions while always keeping focus on the people who matter. If you want someone to assist with change at a pace that succeeds, you want Rebecca Brissett.