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Essential Personalised Information Tool

Team DSC

As NDIS Providers find themselves stretched more and more to keep delivering high-quality services, it's likely there will be a new workers supporting Participants. These new workers may be new to that person, new to the organisation, or possibly even new to the sector. Every worker will need the most essential information about a person's requirements quickly and clearly.

This Essential Personalised Information (EPI) tool can help get the most critical support information across several key categories, and display it in a way that is easy to read for new workers. This tool isn't designed as a replacement for your full training system, or for other person-centred planning activities. It doesn't replace the need to fully and appropriately train new workers. What it can do is help a new worker better understand the minimum things that need to happen, and then focus more on building a relationship with the Participant. 

Team DSC have worked really hard to get this guide out quickly, we prefer to be helpful rather than word perfect, so please forgive any errors or omissions. We welcome any feedback that might help us improve the tool.

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